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You hold her hand and I’ll hold yours.

You have decided to take that very important step and commit to the woman of your dreams for a lifetime of happiness. We’ll help you make an informed and confident decision.

You are faced with many questions: How much should I spend? Who can I trust? Will she like it? What do I know about diamonds? (Hopefully you know the answer to the key question…Will she say “yes”?) Well, breathe easy. This is where I come in.

From the first step of you arranging a private appointment with Nomus until the time you ask that momentous question, I will be there with you. Together we will brainstorm, design and have fun as we create an engagement ring she’ll love forever.

Allow me to eliminate your fear and uncertainty about making this very significant purchase. With my extensive knowledge and design vision, I am confident you will walk away feeling positive with your decision.

Contact me today to engage in a comfortable, trusting experience.