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I am Cindy Pederson and I founded Nomus Fine Jewelry in 2004. From the start, my mission has been…

"To create a unique jewelry buying experience by providing individualized service, high-value and exclusivity."

For ten years, my clients have benefitted from the numerous partnerships I have established in the jewelry industry; including top designers in Los Angeles and New York and well-known diamond suppliers from all over the world. I offer both GIA and EGL certified diamonds and enjoy educating clients on the fundamental factors that determine a diamond’s value.

At Nomus, I provide one-on-one service in a relaxing, comfortable office and spend as much time as necessary to make my clients feel confident with their decision.

There’s nothing more gratifying than receiving a phone call from the bride-to-be, thanking me for ‘guiding’ her fiance and expressing delight with her engagement ring.

Ladies, steer them my way. We know what you really want! You can count on me right from the start with the engagement ring and throughout the years for birthday and anniversary celebrations.